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Clarification about SPOILERS: This article does not contain spoilers about the plot of the Song of Ice and Fire nor the Game of Thrones. I only mention the territories that take place in this work, but not the events that occur in them.

Song of Ice and Fire has become one of the most successful literary and television sagas in the world, aspiring to retain as many followers, or call them geeks, as Star Wars or Harry Potter.

The author, George R. R. Martin has managed to create a universe enough powerful to captivate millions of readers who are losing themselves in their pages and are also lost in the geography devised by him.

The series broadcast on HBO under the name of Game of Thrones, and which now airs its fourth season, has multiplied the success of the saga!

Across the Internet we can find several maps that represent the geography of the Game of Thrones world, but only a few are as interesting as the interactive map that a fan has created and that allows you to visualize the four continents in a very similar way to Google Maps.

Traveling the Western, Essos, Sothoryos and Ulthos continents is not the only option on this interactive map, the interesting part is that you can select a character or several characters and follow them on their tours.

This function has an option to see the routes according to the chapter of the books or the episodes of the series, which will help you avoid spoilers in case that you haven’t seen a certain episode or if you haven’t read a certain chapter of the book.

The geography of the Game of Thrones world

Why not go over the geography of the Game of Thrones?

There are four contentions in the saga, as we mentioned earlier. The main one is the Western continent, in which almost all the action takes place. In this territory you can distinguish two major regions: The Seven Kingdoms and the lands Beyond the Wall.

The lands Beyond the Wall extend to the north in which the Wall begins to the end of the world, being conformed by the Sea of the ​​Chills on the east side and the Sea of ​​Sundown on the west side; They are wild territories and are almost unexplored.

Some of the places that you will hear from the lands Beyond the Wall are Enchanted Forest, Frozen Fangs, Craster Tower, Austera House, White Tree, First Men’s Fist and Thenn.

The Seven Kingdoms are:

The North:

The capital is Winterfell, home of the Stark House.

In the North is the Wall, guarded by the Night’s Watch.

Other territories that you can find on the trip through the North are Puerto Blanco, Skagos, Fort Terror, Forest of the Wolves, Watchtower of Greywaters.

It is the largest region of the West, and yes, it is very cold in there.

Land of the Rivers:

With capital in Harrenhal.

It is a region where there are no major cities, but they do exist many towns in which they have several houses in which people live or had live.

It is a region of plains, forests and hills, but above all is a region with rivers, which have the names of: the Green Forca, the Blue Forca, the Forca Rock, the Fallen Stone or the Black Waters that delimits the region of the south.

Several of this rivers together conform the Trident.