Is it worth buying the maps of “The Lands of Ice and Fire”? - Magic Fantasy

I wanted to do this review for two main reasons:

  • I am addicted to maps.
  • When I first received the images of The Lands of Ice and Fire I thought that they would be something special, not just another saga propaganda. 

Few days ago, when I just received them, I though about the idea of sharing my experience and also my opinion about them. But in order to do this, you have to first see them in the digitized high-resolution version.

My reaction to the book of The Lands of Ice and Fire was that it was a very well-worked article. 

The presentation is exquisite and the book, in which the maps are included, is even bigger than what I was expecting. 

The material is some kind of hard cardboard that is quite thick, and the maps that they contain are very well protected.

As you open the box, things start getting better. 

The maps are folded and divided into two parts and are held by rubber bands that do not allow them to move inside. 

Therefore, there is no possibility that the peaks would be damaged. Each of the parts contains six maps.

When you open the maps, you will realize that the size of them are extraordinary.

Each map measures 61 x 92 centimeters, which means that they have the ideal size for being hanged or framed.

Once you have analyzed the presentation and the “wrapper” you can go on to what really matters: the maps. 

As I have said before, The Lands of Ice and Fire contains twelve maps that shows the world. 

It is important to highlight this point: the maps were created by George R.R. Martin, and what he has done is showing the world as it is known.

This means that the maps bring together all the knowledge of the western masters, sailors, explorers and many other experts on the geography studies, bringing them all into one same plane.

It is as if an adventurous character had drawn the first world map. 

Therefore, in the maps, you will see certain places where you have been, due to the characters of the books, other places that you have heard about and many others that you did not even know that they existed. 

As you will see, the largest map is not complete since it does not include all of the lands. This is because many of them still remain unknown, which this creates even more mistery to the novel. 

How is it possible that there are lands in the map that you have not yet visited? What are the empires of this territories? How many more continents exist in this world?

The maps

I am going to show you the maps in high resolution. This way you will be able to appreciate all the details, and probably you will end up feeling satisfied. But believe me, there is no compression to having the maps physically in your own hands. 

I will share with you my gallery that has very big scale, scanned and digitized maps.

The idea is that I will begin sharing the maps of the West and continue with the ones Beyond the Wall. The last one in particular is my favorite, since it is the one that I consider to be the most visually appealing.

It is a complete jewel!