Mythologize your fantasy map - Magic Fantasy

What a weird, crazy woman who writes about mythology while doing another worlbuilding article related to religion.

I think all fantastic writers have an obsession with creating maps, reaching the point in which many of us end up giving geography tutorials.

I thought about making one that could be more focused on criticizing the poorly made up maps rather than a guide, but there are already thousands of them on the internet.

Not only about how to configure a map, but also about how to use programs like Photoshop to add textures, make them look old, etc.

Anyway, here I will leave you the one about Alister and Crow who was the one who inspired me to do this thing.

Before you begin, you must consider the degree of religiousness on your civilization.

In a civilization like mine, doing this will make so little sense to them and will end up being some kind of legend or ancient tale. Normally, it will be forgotten in the big cities while the elder people or the ones that live in the villages usually spread more this type of stories.

I think that in the fantasy stories the religion is not important, which this is not the case because religion will be vital.

It comes a time in which, while I am reading, I have some sort of feeling about the religion’s role in the story. Religion is just like another element, it is only used when priests appear. In most cases they are negatively reflected and their role is usually as villains which is influenced by the current perception of religion that exists.

But without leaving the current examples, religion does not only involve a body of priests and a beautiful and impressive temple. A religion also contains a mythology, a philosophy, a method to explain the questions of the world.

And among those questions, I came up with: “Why is the world set up like this? Why do continents have these forms and not others? Why are mountains in here and lakes over there?”

All of this has a scientific explanation that it is sustained by the geology studies, but I’m not going to talk about them in here.

When I stop to reflect, I hardly know any real-life example of this. If someone knows anything about this please tell me so I can add it.

One is the sanctuary city of Madurai, in Tamil Nadu. It is located in India, in case you didn’t know.

According to the myth, when Shiva passed by he stopped to contemplate the beauty of a lesser local divinity, which was some kind of nymph, and a tear or a drop of sweat felt on the earth. This tear is what formed the temple pond.

Archeologist had shown that the pond was the first thing that was built, and that the rest of the temple was made later on. Ironically, the pond is oriented towards the cardinal points, while the other buildings are not.

In the fantasy novel that I am reading, which unfortunately I still have a lot to read :(, only the Idhún of Laura Gallego has stayed in my mind.

Let’s see, do not get me wrong: the map of Idhún is quite improvable. A continent with a shape of an Hexagon with a tower and a temple on each tip interspersed, with races divided into regions, mountain ranges and rivers at right angles, just bring me a spoon to get my eyes out …

And we better not talk about the world-building, a religion of seven different races in which there is no sect, it gives me the feeling that I should dedicated myself to the encyclopedia of art, but anyway….