The political and geographical map of "Game of Thrones" - Magic Fantasy

What would the world of Game of Thrones be like if you could travel it by car?

Between today and tomorrow, the newspaper will publish a series of maps that will represent a comparison between the territory imagined by George R. R. Martin and the real-world map.

This development includes Dorne and some other different seas that have taken place in one of the most watched series television.

It is also taken into consideration the population and the evolution of the power that has been shown in the seven deliveries of this saga.

It has even been created a graphic representation of the West!

Policy: Who rules over the map?

When HBO series began airing, the political map of Game of Thrones yielded a remarkable number of colors that accounted for the disparity of powers spread across the Seven Territories.

It seemed to be a more diverse place, where different families lived and had decision-making capacity, in which they had different behaviors and ideologies.

A geographical review of now a days reflects an absolutely opposite landscape, creating a division between the two different parts:

  • The one that is represented by the Lannisters, which has maintained the most influential enclaves.
  • The one that symbolizes the areas in which the Stark-Targaryen alliance triumphs, having this ones the mission of dominating the continent.

Westeros had surrendered to the bipartisanship, and moved on into a scarce plurality.

The North, with the Starks in the front, is one of the largest areas of the kingdom. It has not been easy for the emblem of the house – the wolf – to shine again in the fortress in which the descendants of Ned lived.

After the death of the mother of this clan, in the terrible Red Wedding, the family end up dividing and found new enemies in places in which they least expected.

All of this, just to achieve the command’s order of having one of the most desired areas and serve the Lannister, willing to wipe out everything that makes this an obstacle.

The Greyjoys and then the Boltons came before the Stark, leaving them with survivors of the lineage, whom regained control after the Battle of the Bastards.

The professional and the other type of relationship between Daenerys and Jon Snow, apart from their family ties, has brought to them new alliances between remote territories.

In the final season, the appearance of Westeros has changed and the zones are distributed under the domain of the Lannisters.

The alliance established between Daenerys Targaryen and the Stark has also changed, which are now represented by Jon Snow. 

In the south, the Lannisters continued spreading the singing voices, which they have been able to obtained due to a strife.

With this advantage they were able to destroy the possessions of the Martells, Tyrell or Tully and occupied this new commands centers, which had been the ambitions of the people.

The scale has to lean to one of the sides: in one hand is the Starks and in the other one is the Lannister, which is now represented by Cersei, who today occupies the Throne.

The situation is not the same to both of them.

While the first one joins forces to face the threat of the unknown – the White Walkers and the challenges beyond the wall – the second one is not worried about this danger since they trust that the conflicts will not reach the south.

It is easy to guess that none of the clans will cease in the effort to seize most of the territory and that way, they will not submit to the enemy. Perhaps, winter will bring another type of government …