What is the military situation on the West at the end of the Dragon Dance? - Magic Fantasy

A few days ago I discovered on Reddit that my friend BryndenBFish had been collecting information on a map the situates the multiple armies that probably will be prepared for the battle in Westeros at the end of the Dragon Dance.

This means, that if everything goes as I believe, almost everyone will end up going to the battle in the Winter Winds. Something so important could not be missed by The Seven Kingdoms.


This is the geographical situation of the armies of the West at the end of the Dragon Dance. Do not forget any description of each of the forces.

I have ignored the Brotherhood without Banners because they have a small number compared to the other armies and because they are very scattered, the Free People because they were disorganized and the lords of El Valle for not being united.

The Wall and the Night’s Watch

Black Castle

  • Situation: At the end of the Dance, people of the Guard were fighting with thousands of savages on the south part of the Wall. Their current Lord, the Commander had been stabbed repeatedly.
  • Mission: Survive
  • Composition: Approximately 300 Night Guards, including explorers, butlers and builders.

Cotter Pyke

  • Situation: Cotter Pyke’s letter to Jon explains the situation in a graphical way. There are tensions between the savages and the Guards, while the others believe that they are attacking the Austera House.
  • Mission: Collect the savages, bring them on boats to the south part of the Wall and put them in a safe place.
  • Composition: 6 ships, around 100 Night Guards and 100 men who came with Tycho.

The North

Stannis Baratheon

  • Situation: Three days of horseback riding from Winterfell, which is a village of farmers. Stannis and his army are freezing, starving and waiting for the assault of Frey and Manderly which are the forces that Roose Bolton has prepared.
  • Mission: Defend the village, defeat the Boltons, take Winterfell and reunite at the North to go against the Others.
  • Composition: Approximately 4500 – 5000 members, among this group there are men that are part of the northern clans, southern knights and some houses on the North.

Roose Bolton

  • Situation: Roose Bolton is in control of the Winterfell, which is passing through a blizzard and supplies are running out.
  • Mission: Defeat Stannis and defend Winterfell.
  • Composition: Approximately 4000 northerners and 2000 Frey.

Wyman Manderly

  • Situation: Wyman Manderly has sent 300 knights to Winterfell, but they are keeping most of their forces hidden in White Knife in a series of barges. This barges were built between the Manderly House and the Umber House in Clash of Kings, after the insistence of Bran and Master Luwin.
  • Mission: Their mission is not clear, but I can deduce that these men will be used against the Boltons and the Frey.
  • Composition: Approximately 1500 – 2000 men.

Dagmer Cleftjaw

  • Situation: Dagmer has stayed between the two waters, taking the Citadel of Torrhen but being surrounded by northerners. At this time, he continues to control the fortress.
  • Mission: Maintain strength, although it does not seem the most rational idea.
  • Composition: Maybe 100 – 200 iron men. Most of his forces were taken by Victarion for the Assembly of the Kings, conquer the Shield Islands and travel to Meereen.